About Us

Licensed in North Carolina since 1978, the Jurney family remains committed to service in the local real estate market and the property management community. With our extensive background in all areas of real estate from construction and finance to brokerage and property management, our promise is to provide unequaled service.

Meet the Team

Kelly Jurney Simmons » President, Broker in Charge
Kelly Jurney Simmons, a native of North Carolina, found real estate a part of everyday life from a young age. As construction superintendent in her family’s construction business she learned to meet deadlines and the pride of a job well done. She obtained her general contractors license and continued in residential construction until the unprecedented changes in the housing industry in 2008. In 2009 she began her career in property management. Initially working with a well known management firm in Greensboro she found the fast pace of property management a perfect fit for her energy and her commitment to service in the housing industry. Kelly lives in King with her daughter Emma.
Brenda Jurney » Sales Associate
First licensed as a North Carolina real estate broker in 1978, Brenda’s love of all things real estate has endured. After becoming top sales agent her first year in real estate she opened her own real estate sales office and continued her career in North Carolina, Virginia and Texas. What began as temporary job change 1986 became a successful thirty year career in real estate finance. Always a student of the housing market she became interested in investing in real estate and found it to be a smart long term retirement opportunity. As a real estate investor and small business owner she understands the importance of consistent cash flow, maintaining each property’s value and staying alert to new investment opportunities.